Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tornadoes Ravage Midwest and South: How to help

Multiple tornadoes swept through the Midwest and South this week leveling small towns and leaving a swath of devastation in their wake. But even as residents struggled to clean up, a new wave of storms and tornadoes hit the region again on Friday. From the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, powerful storms March 2 touched nearly all walks of life in the second deadly tornado outbreak this week. Earlier in the week, the Midwest and South were rattled by 33 confirmed tornadoes that left 29 people dead.
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Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region.
American Red Cross: Red Cross workers in Missouri have opened shelters and are providing meals for displaced residents. Additional workers are fanning out in affected neighborhoods to begin assessing the extent of the tornado damage. In Kansas, tornadoes damaged homes and search and rescue teams are searching for missing residents in the wreckage. Red Cross chapters are opening shelters and serving meals to those affected as well as emergency responders. Donate here.
Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is providing support in Harveyville, Kansas. Emergency Disaster Service volunteers from Topeka are on the scene providing meals, snacks and drinks to first responders, survivors and clean-up crews via mobile feeding kitchens. The Salvation Army is also offering emotional and spiritual support to those in need. Donate here.

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