Sunday, March 18, 2012

Near Earth Objects: The Search for Dangerous Asteroids Gets Funding From NASA

This is not action movie fodder, the threat is real!

Governments and Space Agencies around the world are turning their gaze skyward; NEOs can and will collide with Earth. It is widely accepted that a collision caused the extinction of the dinosaur 63 million years ago clearing the way for mammals(our evolutionary ancestors) to evolve to the top of the food chain instead of remaining prey for giant lizards.We as a species can do something to avert any future extinction events by exerting a measure of preventative maintenance.
First things first; we must find and track them. We are doing this.
click pic for tracking video of asteroid.

5 reasons to care about NEOs

Part of the new funds from NASA will be used to upgrade the camera on the 1.5-meter telescope on the summit of Mount Lemmon, enabling the observatory to cover more of the sky. The new camera system is expected to quadruple the amount of sky the telescope can cover each month.

strangest asteroids in the solar system

This is not a game or a movie plot, This is one of the strongest reasons to keep an active role in space and the technologies involved. This is something about which we all should be concerned.

OK, Now to lighten up a bit and have some fun! Click to play the
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