Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Thousand Space Launches a Year in the Next Seven Years!

When I was real young I remember my grandfather telling me that it was a wonderful time to be alive. Buster was right; compared to the horse and buggy era he was born in I can see him thinking this way. He lived the experience of WWII, the birth of the nuclear era, the prosperity that came with the Eisenhower era, and observing first hand the space race of the sixties and the consequential landing of a man on the moon.
Can you imagine?

Well, I am constantly amazed to realize that we, here and now, live in the age of the Jetson's. We have everything and more than this cartoon of the sixties predicted for the turn of the century.(flying cars being the exception) We have better gadgets than Captain Kirk had in the 23rd century of Star Trek.(transporter beaming being the exception)

Just imagine what it is going to be like for my grandchildren! The options they are going to have are going to be phenomenal! It is my hope that one of my near descendants may very well quit the planet Earth as a tourist, or astronaut, or even a pioneer and/or colonist! With a little luck I may live long enough to enjoy seeing this with my own eyes.

I have a couple of very smart grandchildren that may just accomplish this! If not them then maybe their children.
 Jaquilyn Rose Graham
This picture from last year is of my then 12 year old granddaughter Rosie Graham. She is holding her first of many educational certificates she will earn in her lifetime. She aspires to be a writer and artist (like her old Grandpaw Gary) and I think she has it locked up. She is one of the smartest young ladies I know! Could it be her, or one of her children to venture off of the planet? Time will tell.

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