Sunday, March 11, 2012

From the Poetry Page: Scorpion's Sting

Ever been involved with a Scorpio? I fell in love with a Scorpio...I narrowly escaped!

Scorpion's Sting

So deep as a shimmering lake,
More woman than a man can take.
Smile and sparkle in her shine,
Just wanted to make her mine.

Found beauty in a troubled mind,
Still a glorious, sexy, exotic find.
I promised anything and my soul,
Wrap me up, never let me go.

Mesmerizing scorpion stings,
Fantasy, erotic longing dreams.
Spell bound and captured,
Trembling spirit raptured.
Soak me up, become one,
Envelope me, touching tongue,
Hold me still with one fingertip,
make me long to suck your lip.

Scorpion song summons fun,
To her arms I must run.
Eat me up, make me yours,
Excited libido screams and roars!
Aromatic, inviting, liquid mound,
entering sigh, insight my heart to pound.
Chained to her by her eyes,
Make me love you, tell me lies.
Now I'm hooked, there's no escape,
long for you, my mind agape!
No! No! Don't ever set me free,
our hearts beat in harmony!

Memory, pain all bitter sweat,
Will always worship at her feet.
I try, but still, I can't go on,
Because of what the scorpion's done!
An addictive need I cannot sate,
They all fell short, my scorpion mate.
To have her is to want her more,
I can't I must, I still adore.

Stung and scarred up permanently,
Best of my life now behind me.
No man will hold that scorpion queen,
but will always seek that poison sting.
Shells of men you've left behind,
sadly wanting, lost and blind.
More confused than I can stand,
poured me out into the sand.


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