Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bill to Address Rights to Space Flown Artifacts

In an older post I addressed the subject of Jim Lovell's rights to own and sell the flight manuel from Apollo 13. I suggested he has the right to own it; he was the man that took a blank log book and filled it in. It is valuable simply because he made it so. It has never left his possession since the failed mission in the early seventies. Congress will address the bill and this will be resolved by them. This will apply to only those astronauts attached to Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programs.
The Astronauts that flew in Apollo, Mercury and Gemini were only paid their military rank pay and a little extra called 'Hazardous Duty Pay'.
In the seventies I was a Nuclear Weapons Technician in the Navy, I received hazardous duty pay- it came to $58 a month. It is only about three times as much today.

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