Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama: Disrespect for the President of the United States vs. Insulting the Man.

I have expressed my negative opinion of Obama here on this blog in the past. Still, I have never blatantly insulted him or his administration( I allow him to do this to himself). As a veteran I have to have a measure of respect for this high office as the President is the military's Commander in Chief. 
Yes, this is America where we enjoy the freedom of speech, but where is the line drawn? When does it become personal or even detrimental to one's character? 
Well, I think this add has taken things to a new and personal level and if I was Barack I'd punch someone in the nose.
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The sign says:
"Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system.
Go to hell Barack." -this is unacceptable.

These I could easily accept:
'No way in hell, Mr. President.'
'The hell you say, Obama.'
'It'll be a cold day in hell, Mr. Obama.'
'To hell with Obamacare, Mr. President!'
'You could catch hell over this, Obama.'
'It would be easier to air condition hell, Barack.'
'What fresh hell is this, Mr. president?'
I'd rather vacation in hell, Obama.'

No one says that a person has to like Obama and his administration or his 'time for change' policies.
I don't.
 But we should respect the man for achieving this most high office if nothing else.

Still, to invite a man, by his first name to 'go to hell' requires a personal response!
It's a good thing dueling is no longer acceptable in American political culture!
Where I'm from to tell me to 'go to hell' are fighting words. 

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