Wednesday, March 14, 2012

facebook: The Dark Side

Everyone whines about  facebook changing to 'time line' or that virus' are abound or there are too many game requests. Well, to me this is just cosmetics and caution. If you are the least bit computer savvy you can easily deal with these little changes and inconviences. But...

Here are some real, serious problems that can come along with being a facebook member:

In spite of all of this I have a facebook account that is now a part of my life. I have said many times that 'facebook is becoming another job I have to do everyday...I'm just gonna delete my account!' But no. I keep it , use it, and check it every day. It has replaced the day to day 'checking in with' and 'daily phone calls' to your immediate family and friends. It gives instant connection to family members and friends afar that has never been so conveniently enjoyed before. Nope, I'm stuck using it forever.

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