Friday, March 23, 2012

NASA: "We Now Know How to Cause a Supernova" - Explosion Billions of Times Larger Than Nuclear Weapon

An exploding star known as a Type Ia supernova plays a vital role in our understanding of the universe. Now X-ray and ultraviolet data from NASA's Swift satellite are helping researchers understand more about them. NASA, for reasons that the agency has chosen not to share, is quite interested in just exactly what it takes to set off a Type Ia supernova. Officials at the US space agency say they have uncovered the secrets of the supernova. Scientists say new data from the Swift orbiting telescope have revealed exactly what leads to Type Ia supernovas.
Could this lead to a new and more powerful weapon?
Maybe not today, but in the future it could!
Should we be worried?
The only problem is that humanity could only cause the explosion once, the collateral damage would wipe out the whole solar system including the Oort comet cloud!
So, I wouldn't miss sleep over this one. 
Remnants of  RCW 86 supernova
click pic for more supernovae

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