Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ghosts Definately Do Not Exist...Right?

OK, here is a subject I thought I'd never broach. Why should I? I've been agnostic for most of my life. As such I have always suggested that 'If I would question the existence of a God how could I accept anything supernatural.'
Along with God and Satan, angels, demons, witches, fairies, vampires, werewolves, etc. do not exist. Period.
I've said that the world would be much more interesting if 'ghosts and goulies and things that go bump in the night' really did exist.
Because of a real need to be sure, I decided months ago to open my mind and be still, to listen, or feel, or experience the presence of a Divine Entity. I also felt that if I could be convinced of anything supernatural then I'd give the god thing a new, more serious, deeper consideration.
So, this leaves me here:
"Would God not give me the coveted 'burning bush' and send some other, weird things into my life to show me the supernatural does exist?"
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I live in a very nice old home. This big old house was built over 80 years ago. I share it with a room mate that lives downstairs with his two dogs. I live upstairs alone. He never comes up here nor do I go into his private spaces. With this I know that if I put something there it will be there when I return. It has been this way for five years no one but he and I are ever there.
We are creatures of habit and nothing is ever out of the ordinary around the house.

With these following exceptions:
On more than one occasion I will smell a wonderful dinner, or breakfast cooking knowing that neither my room mate nor I cook.
I will close and hasp my three upstairs doors when I sleep only to wake to find all three doors wide open.
I here water running downstairs knowing that no one is down there to flush or wash their hands unless his two dogs have learned new tricks.
The sound of booted feet walking the downstairs hallway knowing that no one was home to make those noises.
The dogs will alert by barking, I'll go downstairs to see what they are alerting about just to see both dogs, ears perked up, looking into an empty corner of the dining room or looking up into the corner of the wall and ceiling. Nothing there.
I will set my TV channel onto the weather station and go to bed, upon waking I click my TV on expecting to see the weather only to find my channel set on BET or the cooking channel or the like. I never view these channels.
I'm the only one that uses my bathroom, so why would I find my toilet seat down from time to time?
I've heard raps and knocks only to find absolutely nothing upon investigation.
There are a few more little weird things that go on around me at home, but I chalk it up to me doing things in my sleep or not remembering making the change.
The other weird thing about all of this is that my room mate says he has not experienced any of this stuff.
All in all I think it is cool and interesting, bring on the bumps in the night!


  1. As we get older it's funny. We tend to gravitate towards God and see the world in a different way. We also seem to turn Conservative instead of Liberal, Why?

    The Burning Bush, I dont want to see it, I already believe. If you see the burning bush you are hearby ordered by God to do things that are uncomfortable. Can you hang with what God will ask of you? That is the real question...

  2. I believe that is a very fair question...Well my past response was to say that if I knew there was a God I jump to my knees! I'd live my every waking hour to serve and apeaze the Creator. That there would be nothing, NOTHING as important. I would feel like a youngster that had found his life's calling. I would eat, sleep, work toward God.