Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flying Car to Debut in New York...Take That George Jetson!

Flying cars are not just the stuff of sci-fi movies anymore. Massachusetts-based Terrafugia Inc. announced this week that its street-legal prototype, the Transition, completed its first flight last month, bringing the company closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year.
Terrafugia, the flying car.
Called the Transition, the fold-up vehicle will fly 100 miles per hour and has a range of nearly 500 miles. On the road it gets 35 miles per gallon using premium unleaded gasoline.
When you were a kid daydreaming about the future, did the fantasy include flying cars? Now our kids just have to daydream about what kind of job they will get to be able to afford one. The flying car goes for a little over a quarter of a million dollars.

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