Friday, April 20, 2012

Hatfield & McCoy Feud: Truth vs. Legend

I was born less than 15 miles from Devil Anse Hatfield's grave site, I've been there many times as a young boy with my friends and/or family showing my respects as well as once spending the night on that spooky mountain on a dare. I am a distant Hatfield descendant, so to that end I wanted to know all about this world recognised feud between West Virginians(Hatfield) and Kentuckians(McCoy). Well, it was real; people died, buildings burned, property was lost and two families were devastated. The notoriety of the feud is still observed to this day with reunions and anniversaries but, it's not celebrated as one would think.
There is nothing here to  honor; this feud was what my father would call, 'a crying shame'  I agree with him. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of my Hatfield blood. I accept that much has been learned from this feud. Also on the positive side, over the years the theatrical and tourist revenue has been a boon for the people of the Appalachian mountains.
We should not forget lest we repeat it.
It was a very dramatic time for the Hillbillys of Ky. and the Mountaineers of W.Va.
Yes,a very dramatic time indeed.


  1. My neighbor Rev. James Darrell Hatfield passed away in july 2011.His father was James Trimble Hatfield.His father was George F. Hatfield whose father was Judge Bazwell or Basel Hatfield a brother to Devil Anse.George F. moved to Chillicothe Ohio after the fued ended.

  2. i must say this feud has caught my interest considering i have a daughter with the last name Hatfield and my youngest boy is a McCoy and both families are orginally from kentucky and w.virgina.

    1. If this is true of your family then you must be kin to us. I am from Logan county, Hatfield territory. Check with My guess is that your decendancy goes through southern W.Va. and Kentucky.