Friday, October 12, 2012

What IS the Difference Between a 'Street,Avenue,Drive,Lane,Etc.'?

Although people can sort of name things what they want, in general....
A boulevard is two lanes in each direction with a median of trees or greenery running the length of it.

An avenue is often two lanes in each direction and in a nicer part of the area.

A street can be any number of lanes in each direction, but is generally associated with a town or city or suburb.

A road is getting a little more rural, generally one lane in each direction, but not necessarily.

We live on a 'lane,' which is definitely rural and does not even have to be paved.  I don't think lanes come in more than one lane in each direction and there are some dirt ones which don't even have that -- just pullovers occasionally so a car can pass going the other way.

Then there is 'way', which is often used with fanciful names chosen by the contractor constructing the subdivision or the people who live on it:  "My Way," "Your Way," and "Some Way" are all names I have seen!

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