Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are Super Moons and Natural Disasters Related?

Just because last year Japan's 9.0 earthquake occurred a week before a Super Moon and a Super Moon occurred before the New England hurricane of 1938, and  one happened  before the Hunter Valley floods of Australia of 1955 this doesn't mean that a Super Moon is an omen of natural disaster.
Does it?
But in a sense, the SuperMoon is magical, because if you view it while it's on the horizon, through some trees or near a building, it's, well, spectacular.
Bigger and brighter, for reasons that even astronomers and psychologists are yet to explain.
All that will happen is the moon will appear 16 per cent brighter and exert 42 per cent more influence on the tides due to its increased gravitational force.
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Story By Australian Journalist Peter Farquhar

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