Friday, May 25, 2012

Swamp People: Liz and Kristi, Two Toughest Females on TV!

There is a 30 day alligator hunting season where hunters try and fill their boats with as many gators as they can using all sorts of methods and History Channel is right there to capture it all.
While I personally believe that Swamp People is one of the best shows on cable TV, there is no denying that hunting alligators is a very dangerous job. So you wouldn’t usually expect to see a woman doing this kind of job in a Southern town. Much less a two-women team but on this years’ show, you get exactly that.
 Liz, who was on the last season of Swamp People paired up with other favorite swamper Troy, is now paired up with another girl, Kristi. Both women are extremely skilled at what they do and proved it so in last week’s episode when they stalked a gator from the top of their truck, shot it, swam in the water to retrieve it, only to to find out the gator was still alive. The pair then jumped out of the water, shot the gator again and finally the gator was able to be tagged and recorded.
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If that doesn’t get your 'girls can do this job too!' blood boiling, during the season premier both Liz and Kristi caught the biggest gator of the day, out doing all the guys, with a 13.6 foot long gator.
That's right, over 13 feet and almost 1000 pounds these two women hunted, killed and dragged into the boat.

The Question arises:
What do you think? Is it that important, or do you feel slightly emasculated.

Willy kills gator w/pocket knife

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