Monday, May 14, 2012

Featured: Freelance Photographer John Crouch

My friend John Crouch is one of the best Freelance Photographers in North Carolina. He specializes in sports and wildlife photography.
Below you will find some of his best and most intriguing images.
I'm sure that if you would like him to do any photographic work he could put you on his list.
John is an amicable, witty, good looking kinda guy :) and although his work is all over south eastern North Carolina, one would be hard pressed to find a photo of him without a camera in his hands. He is humble and non intrusive, yet he sees the world as a wonderful place to be preserved in pictures.
It is obvious that he considers a picture to be worth a thousand words!
I met John several years ago when he found it necessary to drive a taxi to supplement his income. I was his dispatcher and I found him to be dependable and a hard worker. When my father died in 2008 John got me off to myself and gave me his booking for that night; a considerable amount of money and refused to hear anything about me paying him back. This I will never forget.
When I became a published author John was one of the very first to purchase my books.
Sorry John, I know you would not care for me bringing this up, but you do deserve to be bragged upon,my friend.

OK, on to the beautiful photography of John Crouch, photographer extraordinaire.
click image of John for his facebook page and his origional images, friend him; you won't be disappointed!

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