Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hypertensive Heart Disease: Its Cause, Effect and Treatment

According to a recent study, hypertension accounts for about one quarter of heart failure cases.In the elderly population, as many as 68% of heart failure cases are attributed to hypertension.Community-based studies have demonstrated that hypertension may contribute to the development of heart failure in as many as 50-60% of patients. In patients with hypertension, the risk of heart failure is increased by 2-fold in men and by 3-fold in women.
The cause of hypertensive heart disease is chronically elevated blood pressure (BP); however, the causes of elevated BP are diverse. Essential hypertension accounts for 90% of cases of hypertension in adults. Secondary causes of hypertension account for the remaining 10% of cases of chronically elevated BP.
It is important to educate people about the nature of this disease and the risks associated with untreated hypertension. In addition, dietary modifications and the importance of regular exercise, taking medications regularly, weight loss, and avoiding medications and foods that can potentially elevate blood pressure should be emphasized.

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