Friday, May 11, 2012

Matrimony: How Does the World View the Institution of Marriage?

Residing here in N.C. I have heard many opinions on the subject of gay marriages. Personally, I am of a conservative mind. My eccentric slant begs to ask: Why bother? Marriage is a failing, antiquated, religious holdover.
Yahoo news asks this question:
North Carolina's Amendment 1 reaffirmed the "defense" of marriage, but for whom are we saving the hallowed institution?
They go on to say:
These days, barely half of eligible Americans are yoking themselves to each other, an all-time low. A half century ago, 72% of Americans took marriage vows. The recession, a scapegoat for many societal ills, has been blamed for accelerating these rates, but marriage was already in decline. The way things are going, spouses will be a minority group.
And the rest of the world, how do they feel about it?
Nuptials are passé in Britain.
 New Zealand says the breakdown of the traditional family costs $1 billion a year.
 In Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong), women aren't hooking up.
This drives mothers and demographers crazy, since their aging societies need new blood to keep up the population.
What is marriage:
Marriage historically was rooted in financial arrangements. Today's economists describe American mating — in an age when women are becoming as financially independent as men — as "hedonic marriage," based on love and companionship. Other scholars have bandied about models of passionate love, but a generation that may not subscribe to the "living in sin" notion can indulge in lust without marital constraints.

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