Thursday, January 19, 2012

Privitizing Space Travel

I remember laying in the floor at Daddy's feet on my stomach with my chin in my palms watching the moon landings on TV listening to Walter Cronkite telling us how amazing it was; I agreed, it was amazing. Daddy proclaimed that it was a wonderful time to be alive; I also agreed with that, I was eleven and in my mind Dad was right about absolutely everything.
Todays space exploration and low orbit technology however, makes that time in history look like horse and buggy.
We are only a few years from routine private space travel and on the brink of populating the solar system; now that is amazing. We(the human race) have dozens of probes, rovers, orbiters, telescopes, robots, and surveyors all over the solar system as our front line, inspecting and preparing us for the next step; man once again leaving low Earth orbit and doing business in space.
This time out though, we will pioneer and colonize the near planets & moons and just stay out there. These up and comming generations are going to do truely amazing things.
Virgin Galactic is well on the way to going into space, check out this webpage!
Tickets are alredy on sale.
Even the president sees the potentual of going back to space, he pledges to go forward with a Mars landing mission in the mid 2030's. Obama says he supports the privatization of space travel and tourism.
(about time he does something I like)

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