Saturday, January 7, 2012

Faith and the Agnostic

As an Agnostic I feel that to worship an entity should only come from knowing that there truly is a God and he really does have a plan (fate) that I am required to follow.
Six billion people on this planet faithfully believe this.
It is said that God's plan will culminate in either a grand reward or in total disaster. As a realist I look at this concept and cringe. What is man's real destiny? Did we evolve into the supreme beings on this planet out of random circumstance and only we can raise ourselves up and expand off of the planet to populate this grand universe? Or is our future ordained and will be taken from us by a Creator that has his own agenda?
Let's cut to the chase here; I am not talking about if the bible is right or not. I'm not talking about which religion is correct and will get you into heaven. I'm saying that religion and the concept of a divine entity is, from my point of view, a total waste of man's potential.
If a person could stop worrying about what happens to himself and those he cares for after they die, that person may find that the preservation of the species is a much more grand and fulfilling idea than blindly worshiping any deity and earning the right to live forever.
For some that would be enough,but as we know, it is punctuated with the threat of punishment or the hope of reward.
I personally find this concept of punishment or reward to be relative. I don't anticipate finding pleasure in  spending eternity praising a God(I yawn at the prospect). I don't fear the threat of 'burning forever' in hell either; as a scientifically inclined type of fellow I would be totally amazed at the fact that I couldn't be consumed, my curiosity would make it bearable. Eventually, being only human, I would either get used to it or go crazy(that crazy person would no longer be me) if fiery consumption was not possible.
Eternity is a very long time!
How is it that all the God believing people on this planet find it necessary to worship an entity in the first place? Out of fear? Out of love? Of what? Do they really want an entity guiding their every step, channeling their lives to suit an unknown godly plan? 
I don't hesitate to say it , I personally resent the whole idea!
Why would the Creator of this phenomenal universe, the author of the laws of physics, want to play these head games of mystery and vague premises of right and wrong? One would think that a Creator of this caliber and precision would simply make his existence a natural fact.
It is said that through faith we are saved and will live forever in the house of God. There's that word again, faith.
I must know in my heart that there is a God or I will feel that I've wasted what little time I have on this planet believing in a fairy tale.
OK, there is another way to go about it, I guess. An Italian philosopher from the 19th century named Pasquele once said, " There may or may not be a god. I may or may not believe in him. If I do not believe in him I will die, if I do believe in him I'll be rewarded in the afterlife. So...I choose to believe in him and cut my downside loses."
Is THAT the definition of faith? 

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  1. It was Pasquele's definition of faith. One persons definition, even tongue in cheek the way I read it. Faith is a personal thing, no one man can define it.