Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Agnosticism is a State of Confusion, Not a Religion

This will be my third and last installment on the subject of being Agnostic.

Agnosticism is not a badge to proudly wear; it is a thorn in one's side, a conundrum to be solved, enduring sleepless nights, and outside contempt. It is a state of indecision due to a lack of satisfactory personal confirmation. It is not a way of life, nor is it a religion,cult, or life discipline. An Agnostic is a realist faced with doubts that he can not satisfy in his own mind.
For me the proof of God cannot come from ancient texts, tomes, or scrolls written by man or from man's interpretation of natural events. Like the laws of nature, or the laws of gravity, or E=MC squared, the proof must be unilaterally accepted and infallible.
Looking at the 'God question' from a contrary point of view though, I got to ask myself, "What if I am completely and miserably wrong? What if the Bible was totally correct? What could possibly prove me wrong?
The most obvious proof that a realist could grasp as confirmation that God exists would be the ascension of the risen dead during the prophesied rapture event. If this came about there could be no denial with all that rising and praising going on!
No matter the personal outcome, I would welcome the confirmation.

The three things I am sure of:
1) Someone or something started the clockwork of the universe.Whether they are a he or a she or they, mechanical, biological, or spiritual, still alive, or dead, or the biblical god; that's who I'd consider to be God.
2)Jesus Christ was, at the very least, the profit of goodness.
3) Along with ghosts, goblins, witches, demons, vampires, trolls, werewolves, fairies, angels, aliens, or any other thing that goes bump in the night; I do not believe in Satan either.

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