Monday, January 30, 2012

Death and the Agnostic

Earlier I said that my last post on agnosticism would be the final one on this subject. But I feel I need to revisit the concept.  Recently, I have lost a dear friend to an unexpected death. A shocking and terrible loss to all that knew him. My friend was thirty-four years old. A few days after coming home and starting his recuperation from a heart valve replacement operation he passed away in his sleep. Like anybody that was faced with this kind of surgery he was concerned, but not too fearful of something going wrong.
This is the year 2012, medical advancement in this field is at its peak.
How could this happen?
I personally am searching for a reason this could happen to such a great guy. The type of person that would unselfishly go out of his way to help even a stranger. He was loyal and loving toward his friends and his family.
The question arises: How is this justified by a god that is supposed to love us as much, if not more that his own son? It just don't add up in my mind. Why do good people die,why do innocent children suffer? Why would a loving, benevolent God allow this?

In most cases of death I, as an agnostic simply do not ponder this. In Bruce's own words, "It is what it is."
But, this time I just can't let it go. I am faced with pondering this once again.
Is it all over at death or is there really an afterlife? If you've read my recent posts on this subject then you know I don't fear this personally, I'll face that if and when it happens.
Still, I just can't see a man like Bruce(The Force) not being rewarded in an afterlife situation.
I simply can't see my Mother and Father(Christian) not reaping an afterlife reward.
I can't accept that my friend Shak(Muslim) is not enjoying an afterlife paradise.

My concern is not MY facing a judgement where I am to reap what I've sowed. But the world without these people is worse off without them in it. Maybe there is a God and maybe he just couldn't stand it without these people in his entourage. My feelings on this particular subject is causing me to waffle; everyone else I know is satisfied that the dead is not simply gone forever.
Still, with a portion of shame, I doubt.
With my whole heart I grieve.

Alan Sean 'Bruce' Boyett
rest easy my friend

Shakil 'Shak' Rahim-bux
My late boss pictured here donating time and work to the local rugby team.

Carlos Monroe Cox-father  LuLu 'Tooty" Cox-Mother
 in this picture Mom was 15 Dad was 21
Mom passed away in 2001. Dad followed in 2008.


  1. It's very simple. If you believe in afterlife, your friends and relatives are fine and happy. If you dont, the worms are eating your friends.

  2. I would expect this answer from you, have always struck me as a person that sees most things in black or white and very little grey area. Not that THAT is a bad thing, I'm just saying.