Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Universe, Are We Here by Accident or Design?

First there was the big bang.
Then a massive soup of sub-atomic particles numbering in the uncountable trillions and trillions. These sub-atomic particles were matter and anti-matter. When they came into contact they exploded into energy.
Luckily there were slightly more particles of matter than anti-matter(one in a billion parts).
Eventually, an imbalance in these left over particles allowed gravity to pull these particles together.
As time went on they became clumped and compressed enough to go nuclear. This light and heat shone across the early cosmos. 
These early stars lived, died, then exploded, and seeded the universe with the heavy elements needed to develop life.
Around nine billion years ago one of these newer clumps of seeded gas nebulae developed a star that was just the right size to have a very long life and a very stable nuclear process.
About four and a half billion years ago, around this star, at just the right distance(Goldilocks zone) a planet coalesced. This planet would be a rolling, tumbling, gyrating ball that could not sustain life if it hadn't been for another proto planet colliding with it around four billion years ago. It hit at just the right glancing blow to cause the resulting rubble to reform into Earth and the Moon. The Moon is the Earth's stabilizing partner in space, without it the young Earth would have been too unstable to produce life.
On Earth molecules moved, collided, and meshed with each other until eventually one combination arose that could reproduce itself.
This led to billions of years of evolution culminating in us. 
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Is this all an accident or grand design?
What say you? 

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