Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unconditional Love - from the Novel 'The Trinket and other Short Stories published by 'PublishAmerica Baltimore'

                                                           Unconditional Love

She is all I think about. She is my Queen. The reason I exist is because of her. I am captivated. I am consumed with what she means to me. My wants lead me to be near her. I am anxious to serve her. Her wish is my command. Yes, I am definitely in love, because this is how I really feel about my Queen. She is from a great and powerful dynasty that has existed for as far back as anyone can remember. She rules over millions of her subjects with a natural ease. I am one of the lucky ones. My job is to attend my Queen. I am a member of her entourage. I am blessed with the duties of concubine and lover.
Oh, don't be taken aback. This is as common in our society as falling of a rose. My splendid lady is the mother of our kingdom. She has birthed many heirs and I have fathered not a few. Again I say that I am blessed. She is omnipotent in our society; her wants are automatically seen to. I share her with many other males in her consort. I could and should be all that she needed if only she could be monogamous but, her desires are more than I alone can quench. I suffer my love to her and still I see no wrong in the way God made her. I love her because she loves me. She has told me many times. I don't fool myself thinking that she hasn't whispered these amours when in the throws of another's embrace. I just feel myself lucky to have my time in her presence. My queen is not cruel. She never acknowledges that there is any other but me in her life. She prefers to live for the moment and never concerns herself with the present or the past. With the Royal Duties she is constantly concerned with, I am grateful when she turns her love to me. My chest thumps with anticipation when we make eye contact. With just a slight gesture she summons me. I feel that familiar rush as I am consumed into her pheromone attraction.
M'Lady, I am here, I am at your whim. May I please you? She always finds it quaint when I am nervous, I find it discerning. I am sexual putty in her embrace. I turn and flow with her silent direction. I swoon. I am dizzy with desire! I become engaged and am enwrapped with my gentle lover, I fell her humming with pleasure more than I hear it. She is enchanting and beautiful in her heightened state. I am climaxed to exultation. I lay trembling at my queen’s side, she strokes my head. I slowly recover from the ecstasy and I come back down to earth. I am complete for another day; I have been loved by my goddess. Then as easily as she called me to her; she dismisses me with a loving push to my bottom. Off I go and I begin to miss her already. I try to think of a way once more to get Her Majesty's attention .I have pleasure in completing my duties to my Queen and harvesting our fields is one of the ways to accomplish this. I fly from her chambers and head for the outer environs. I harvest all that our plants have to offer, the bounty is great this season. Gathering as much as I can carry, I rush back to the Royal Chambers with my gift to my Queen.
Like all of my fellow concubines I vie for her attention as she lies back on her throne and attends to her Royal Duty. She is approached constantly by someone offering her food or nectar. She is often serviced and preened and brushed .She accepts or refuses at her leisure. This action in itself is enough to please the servant to the point of singing usually followed by dancing with excitement. I have joined in the dance many times. I wriggle my butt just as intently as anyone of her males. If this is what pleases her then this is what I am driven to do. I love my Queen unconditionally and under no condition will I stop loving her. I would follow her to the ends of the earth.
I find myself moved to again be next to her. I rush to her only to be stopped by another! I am being attacked! No way has he loved her more than I have! I dive into the fray and counter-attack feverishly! I am young and fast, my opponent hasn't a chance, I sever his head in one great sweep of my weapons and he falls before my queen. Her Majesty ignores the vanquished as if he had never existed. Yet, she doesn't acknowledge my love! Did she not see that I would kill to please her? The dead were swept away and the dance began again. I to joined in and began dancing once more for her attention.
That's what a honey bee does.
 Gary Cox
copyrighted by PublishAmerica Baltimore

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