Monday, November 5, 2012

To Vote or Not to Vote; That Is the Question

I have been up in the air about which way to vote now for the last two months and I'm still not sure. I see these two candidates as equally unsavory. I usually vote to the right,but this election I am not very happy with either choice.
Every time I try to make my decision these two thoughts go through my mind:
'One poison,two  poison'
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.
I'll probably opt out.
( Without a personal call from Mitt or Barack in the next 12 hours convincing me otherwise I'm sitting this one out.)
Does this make me a bad American? Does this take my right to comment or complain?
Will my vote make or break the election?
I seriously doubt it so...bring on the clowns and trained monkeys and on with the show!
Click below for a more professional opinion on this subject.

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