Friday, November 2, 2012

Space Jumping Daredevil Baumgartner is a Tree Hugging Greeny Against Space Exploration!

Baumgartner stated that going to Mars is a waste of money:
"A lot of guys they are talking about landing on Mars. Because [they say] it is so important to land on Mars because we would learn a lot more about our planet here, our Earth, by going to Mars which actually makes no sense to me because we know a lot about Earth and we still treat our planet, which is very fragile, in a really bad way.
So I think we should perhaps spend all the money [which is] going to Mars to learn about Earth. I mean, you cannot send people there because it is just too far away. That little knowledge we get from Mars I don't think it does make sense."

To be fair, Baumgartner is talking about Mars exploration specifically, not space exploration in a general sense. But Mars always has been, and will be, a primary focus for NASA and others, and is still the first planet that humans could travel to after the Moon.
Can you believe this guy? One would think that he would make a great spokes person for the avocation of space exploration. And here I was looking upon him as a hero of sorts.
Well,never mind...

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