Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Man on the Moon Gene Cernan Speaks of Romney's Space Program

 While it can be argued that Obama’s space policy is terrible, it may be a leap of faith to imagine that Romney’s may be better. Will the businessman, turnaround artist, and center-right politician devise a space program that will do the nation proud and can be sustained? Cernan says yes, but the answer will remain uncertain unless and until Romney becomes president and starts to fulfill his promise.
The problem of course is that the space flight gap, the period between the end of the space shuttle program and whatever follows, is the result of a decision taken by President George W. Bush to end the shuttle program in order to free funding for the space exploration program. To be sure it can be argued that Obama made things worse by cancelling the Constellation program and instituting a controversial subsidy program to encourage nominally commercial spacecraft.
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