Friday, April 6, 2012

Mercury: April Best Month to View the Elusive Little Planet

This April is a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of Mercury as it rises in the east just above the sun. This will be a better opportunity for observers in the Southern Hemisphere, though northerners also will get a chance around mid-month.
Although Mercury is almost as bright as the other naked-eye planets, it is an elusive target for skywatchers. This is because it never strays very far from the apron strings of the sun. Most people have never seen Mercury.
click pic for more on Mercury rising
This month the evening skies are ablaze with planets: Venus, Mars, and Saturn are all shining brightly. Jupiter is also present, but dropping rapidly behind the sun.
This concentration of planets in the evening sky leaves little to see in the morning sky. But wait—here comes Mercury.

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