Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Remembering Bruce: Four Examples of Him Practicing 'The Force'

Bruce was mostly a quiet kind of guy. He was a self proclaimed geek. A southern good old boy kind of geek but one none the less. He was not a complainer nor a gossip, Bruce loved and respected his friends in his own way.
When asked how he kept so cool under pressure his reply was, 'It is what it is.'

His religion was 'The Force'
Here are four examples Of him practicing 'the force' that I can recall.

On a slow day I relieved Bruce at dispatch. He just was finishing crunching a couple of numbers.
"Do you always keep track of how much your shift brought in?" I asked.
"Why? It is only part of the daily take in."
He shrugged and said, "Even on slower days I like to bring in, at the very least, what Shak pays me for the shift."

Back in the day, on Friday, payday I'd go get something to smoke.
Bruce would hand over a couple of bucks and say, "Pick up a couple for me."
I would.
Mid week I'd be out and he'd conveniently produce one and give it to me.
Three or four weeks of this and I asked him why he bought it if he wasn't going to smoke it.
"Because you always seem run out Wednesdays."

"Why do you keep your pistol unloaded, in a zippered pouch, locked in a suit case, closed up in the trunk of your car?" I asked.
“In case I need protection.” Said Bruce.
“You wouldn’t shoot anybody; you can’t get to your gun fast enough” I smiled.
He turned and looked me straight in the eye,
"Oh, I’d shoot someone, it just the last thing I want to do."

Upon entering my apartment Bruce produces a DVD.
“Look what I have.”
“The Matrix? Man, you know I wanted that movie!”
“I’ll watch it with you.”
“OK, what the hell…”
He took it from its shrink wrap, opened it and popped it in.
Once again we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Later, after it was over Bruce got up to leave.
“Don’t forget your movie.” I gestured toward the DVD player.
Bruce stopped, turned, smiled, and pulled out another copy of the Matrix, still in its shrink wrap, waved it and said, “I haven’t.”

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