Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crime and Punishment:Charles Manson Denied Parole for 12th Time

There are those subjects that are too taboo to be discussed on my blog. Some subjects should just be avoided. Tastefull is relative and when doubt seeps in I reject expressing an opinion altogether. Such as anything to do with Cults, or Racism, or cockamamie conspiracy theories, or martyring a criminal like Billy the Kid.
Stuff of that nature is a no-no.
I also stay away from hurtful opinionation so I avoid topics like the Martin/Zimmerman case or the O.J.Simpson case. 
Charles Manson fits most of these reasons, yet I feel this is worth bringing to the readers attention.
Charles Manson will most likely die in prison, here's why.
click pic for complete story
prison life has not been good to the hippy cult leader

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