Sunday, April 1, 2012

'Long Island Medium' renewed: Is Theresa Caputo Real or Fake?

For those who haven’t seen the series, Theresa Caputo is a vivacious personality who says she’s connecting clients and everyday folks she runs into with the spirits of their deceased relatives.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she said, "I’ve seen spirits since the age of four. I thought it was normal until I hit my teenage years and sharing things with my friends and they said ‘that’s not normal.’ In my family it was normal, but to my friends it wasn’t."
"When I was younger I used to actually see images and hear things. As I got older and shut down, it had changed. Because it was frightening to see people standing there who actually weren’t there. So now it’s just like knowing it, it’s like second nature."
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 I would say to skeptics, just have the experience. I had somebody say on my Twitter account, ‘You’re so full of blah blah.’ I said, ‘That’s great, I value your opinion, but why don’t we do a reading on air and then see what you think before you start passing judgement.’

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