Monday, July 9, 2012

Where are We in the Universe? Let Me Show You Around the Neighborhood


Earth as viewed from the surface of Mars

Our Solar System-Earth is third from the sun

The star systems around us-sun in the center of image

Our galaxy the Milky Way-sun in center of image

Our local cluster of galaxies-the Milky Way is slightly right of center

Our local supercluster of galaxy clusters-local galaxy cluster center of image

The Known Universe- again our Super Cluster is centered in image
And beyond this nobody knows- I like to think of it as the creator's realm or God's country
When looking out into the universe we are not only observing distance, but because light speed is finite we are also looking back into time.
Below is a map of the earliest universe we can record- we can look no further back simply because there were no stars forming in the universe as of yet and without radiation, heat nor light we cannot capture an earlier image.
click image for more on this photograph

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