Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ten Good Reasons Not to Piss off the Gay Population.

I don't understand why people must come out against homosexuals. I am a straight republican, but I'm wise enough not to cross gay people.
Here are a few reasons why I say just live and let live.
1) It is not a choice; they are born gay.
2) They feel they have the same rights as any natural born American;so do I.
3) If being blindsided by the AIDS virus in the early 80's couldn't destroy them why do some people think they can?
4) The Bible says to judge not unless you are judged yourself; still there is a negative opinion of them. Let God make the judgement the rest of us should mind our own business.
5) Most gay people are satisfied to keep to themselves unless confronted.
6)Gay couples are loving, productive, simple tax paying folks.
7) If they are married and adopt, they raise their children to be open minded and forgiving of others ignorance.
8) Homosexuals love their parents and siblings just as the rest of us do, but wouldn't dream of trying to recruit them because they understand it is not a choice.
9) They, as we, are a creation of God.(Only God can create, Satan can only manipulate)
And this next one is the biggy:
10) Hell hath no fury as a woman(or gay) scorned.

Chick-Fil-A has stepped in it now!

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