Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Honor of my Father: Carlos M. Cox 2/12/1933-7/22/2008

It has been four years since I lost my father, I still think of him everyday. This week I will release my new book called 'Dad's Desperate Wisdom and other Odds&Ends.'  It is filled with many stories, opinions, jokes, and quotes by and about my father. The title story is true as best I can remember it. This true story happened when I was 11 years old and the events therein changed the way I saw my dad and  it also taught me how a quick thinking man like my father could lead and preserve his family in the time of grief, fear, calamity, and sadness. His instant wisdom was our saving grace during this trying period in our young lives. I can say that I am a different kind of person because of my emulation of this great man.
Four generations

my Dad,my Daughter Angie, Me holding my granddaughter Genny
I miss you Dad and I hope this work will honor you and keep your valued memory alive and fresh in the minds of those of us that love and miss you even to this day.
Carlos M. Cox 1933-2008

To be released on Amazon and Create Space this week

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