Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music: The Bee Gees Robin Gibb Awakes from Coma

Yesterday Robin-John Gibb said: “Dad, thank ­heavens, has awoken from a 12-day coma."
The emotional moment was a ­“miracle” to family members who had kept a bedside vigil for the 12 days the Bee Gee had lain in a coma.
As doctors continued to monitor the singer’s progress last night, Robin-John Gibb told how his father would fight to be fit enough to attend the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial, his “proudest achievement”, in June.“He will do everything in his power to build himself up so he may attend the unveiling of the memorial, of which it was his greatest honour to be a part.”
The Bee Gees 
RJ and his mother Dwina were joined by Robin’s other children, Melissa, 37, and Spencer, 39, as well as brother Barry, 65, as the family sang songs and continued to speak to the star throughout the two-week ordeal.
Earlier this year Robin, 62, told how his involvement with the memorial to honour the 55,000 aircrew who lost their lives during night raids over Germany during the Second World War was “honestly the proudest thing I’ve ever done”.
RJ said: “Being at the unveiling is something my father would never miss.
“My father holds this to be one of his crowning achievements and views as sacred his involvement in this project.
“It is a subject very dear to his heart, and to mine for that matter, that the 55,573 young men who gave their lives voluntarily be finally recognised and commemorated for their selfless sacrifice to bring us freedom and democracy.”
Experiencing a side effect of his cancer it was feared last week the Bee Gees star had only days to live when he slipped into a coma after developing pneumonia.
Robin Gibb 62

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