Monday, April 2, 2012

From the Poetry Page: Everywhere, Everything Rap

Everywhere I look and everything I see reminds me of you, loving me.
My toothbrush, my watch, even my haircut you did for me.
Reminding me of you loving me and caring for me.
My cloths, my shampoo, my medicine, my glasses, my books.
My blanket, my remote, my laundry, my chessmen, my rooks,
On the cell phone, I can still hear,"l love you, too baby” so recently clear.
My socks, my wallet, my dishes. my mirror, there you always seem to appear.
Just to see your name written or spoken can bring me to tears.
When I drive past Mill Creek were we lived for those two wonderful years.
The Beetles, Aerosmith, and Prince, Eddie Ray's Michael Jackson, and Tears for Fears.
My coffee cups, small white pick-up trucks, whenever I earn a few bucks,
When I hear' Mamaw' said by a child, seeing cherry vanilla can drive me wild!
The very apartment that I live in, this very bed last you loved me so playfully in,
The rain, the moon, the sun, the very roads and streets I drive and work in,
My toothpick that we would share, my god, all these memories I wish would disappear!
Writing poetry reminds me of your flesh as my canvas; white, smooth, and clear.
In my shower I expect you two peek, makes me tremble, makes me week.
The television shows, commercials, forensics, weather, movies, porno, and DVDs.
The very thought of these things can floor me, bring me to my knees.
I lay my head down and think of my day's work and my bills, and goals and my dreams,
And I think of how pleased you’re going to be when I tell you...then it crashes in on me.
Again. I haven't a friend, no more text to send. She said it was the end.
You no longer love me and that should be okay. it’s all over and your done with me,
It would be no big deal in my mind if not for...
Everywhere I look and everything I see.

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