Monday, May 7, 2012

Bionic Eye: New Chip Can Give Basic Sight

Gordy-of Star Trek Next Generation-was cool with his golden gridded eye band. He was totally blind unless he wore it. Well this technology isn't all that far away. It seems that we are on the threshold of  perfecting this bionic eye stuff.
The tests really look promising.
“It’ll give me some imagery rather than just a black world,” said test patient Chris James. For now, the technology will be tested on 12 patients that suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that causes blindness. In the future, the chip could also be used to help patients with a blindness-causing disorder, macular degeneration, which is common in those older than 65.
In the past 20 years, biotechnology has become the fastest-growing area of scientific research, with new devices going into clinical trials at a breakneck pace.
This is what the world looks like for sufferers of Macular Degeneration
click image for full story on how it all works

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