Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Featured: Wired on Wrightsville Cafe and Billiards

I am not one to advertise businesses, but if something truly stands out as exceptional then I'll point it out.
Here is an example of a good business done very well. I was invited to have a coffee here with my brother and I fell in love with this cool little coffee shop. 
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I have only been here during the day, I wonder how great this place would be in the evenings?!

I was greeted politely as I entered, folks were sipping coffee, reading, computing, gaming or just chilling together. The aroma was so inviting, the music pleasant. My brother was greeted by his first name by the tender behind the counter. Pete was the waiter's name, he shook my hand and welcomed me to get comfortable and enjoy my visit.
I chose to sit at the counter and, low and behold, before me was a set up chess board. I asked Pete if someone might show me how to play. He said that he would show me how. Now to be fair I know how to play the game a little, but Pete was patient and pleasant with me as I fuddled through.
Cool people, great atmosphere, pleasant surroundings, and wonderful coffees, food and beverages here! 
When we were leaving everyone again spoke to us and invited us back.
This is Wilmington hospitality at its best!
 I plan on doing just that!

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  1. How is it in the evening you ask? busy and lots of fun! In fact their "Red Carpet Grand Opening" is scheduled for Saturday, June 16th starting at 8pm and it's going to be a great time. I've been going to this coffee shop quite regularly and the people that work there are some of the most down to earth, easy to talk to people you'll meet and the people that come in are just as nice. Their drinks are great and their food, especially the sandwichs, which they get from a local deli are quite tasty. Definitely keep this on your list of places to go when you want something good to drink or just a place to go hang out.