Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hurricane Season 2012: What Can We Expect This Year?

The 2012 season hasn't officially started yet and we've already had two tropical storm incidents.
Interested in hurricanes past, present, and what may happen this year in the Atlantic?
OK, I know you can go to the weather channel and get all you need from them. Well, I say let's cut through the commercials and hype and get to the meat of the thing! I suggest that you go here!
click image of Deegle the Weather Dog!
Deegle the weather dog lives here on the east coast and is very astute when it comes to the weather stirred up by the Tropics. For several years now she has been predicting hurricanes and their paths into the east coast with uncanny precision. That girl's nose knows!
When compared with the predictions given by the professionals at and most regional weather stations I notice that Deegle's predictions are more precise and more on the point than they are!
On this one I say don't take my word for it, click on her picture above and see for yourself! 
It is all right there for you to critique. 

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