Friday, February 24, 2012

Swamp People: Willie Kills Giant Alligator with Pocket knife!

Willie Edwards has to be the bravest man I've ever seen. After a gator attack and a bullet wound, he has earned a reputation as the toughest swamper on the bayou.This in itself is impressive, but to jump in the water with a wounded gator simply stopped me in my tracks! 
The man is a small statured, soft spoken gator hunter with more groin than any person in the bayou. If I had been confronted with a monster dinosaur like the gator he calmly killed, I would have shot up the nearest tree screaming like a banshee!
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 Junior Edwards and his son Willy are stalking an elusive beast known for his distinctive roar they call Leo The Lion. But Leo is a formidable adversary and it comes down to Leo, Willy and a pocketknife.

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