Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swing and a Miss: From the Poetry Page

Swing and a Miss

Baby steps, over cautious potential waste.
A peacock spreads his plume!
Active, preoccupied with wanting taste.
Still, miss-matching signals in the room.

Could it be that you're unsure?
Or is it me?
Do you doubt a heart being pure?
 What do you need to see?

Too old for games, too young to die.
Just what is it we are doing?
Vertigo feelings as I wonder why?
Do I since rejection brewing?

Stop! Come hither! No, go yon!
One foreword, two slid back,
Is the prized availability gone?
What is it that I lack?

Are your definitions contrary to mine?
Emotional involvement is a two way proposition.
Avoiding stepping over any line,
Overpowering, wide eyed indecision.

Oh, so tired, weary, ready to quit.
Keep one's emotions from getting out of joint,
No need to be offended, not one little bit.
What else is to be expected at this point?

Don't think that it's over.
It never was anyway.
Proven as an unqualified lover,
I find no reason to stay.

Gary Cox
January 2012

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