Friday, February 3, 2012

From the Poetry Page: Finding Lidance

Finding Lidance

Oh, Lidance, Lidance Sadillison,
always playing and having fun.
Watch her dance, watch her run,
little Lidance Sadillison!

.Enjoying the world, prance a dance,
Prettily smiling, arms out stance,
On the lawn turns, twirls a dizzying trance,
Tumbles down jumps up! Grass stained girly Lidance!

Giggle, giggle tee he he!
Come play and skip a rope with me!
I wanna play too, don’t you see?
Smudged face ponytails ignoring me.

Making believe and pretend Lidance.
She just gave me a sideways glance!
I’ll smile right back and take a chance,
That I'll be chosen by pretty Lidance!

On a busy playground, only five.
Oh, that summer I was so alive,
Tummy down the slide I’d dive!
At here side I would arrive!

Oh, I’d love to, Miss Sadillison!
Do you think we’ll have some fun?
(My heart trips like a beating drum.)
Warm as day break, my rising sun!

Is it all just happenstance?
That I’d meet my future love romance.
First step on a long path of chance,
Here I’d find my life long love; Lidance.

Gary Cox

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