Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silencing of a Man: from the Poetry Page

This little ditty came to me while I was watching a cut version of one of my favorite movies on TBS. This poem is about a man falling for the wrong woman.

Silencing of a Man

Well Ms. Clarisse Lector,
Aren't you the brazen heart rejecter!
Look! Ms. Lector, down your nose inspector!
Your erotic beauty declaring you the blackhearted selector.
Love specter!

Innocent beauty hidden, cold farce Clarisse!
Could starling wings swiftly bring me peace?
No truth in your romance is now understandable.
So many souls conquered, fallen like cities waked by Hannibal!
Confusing, unplannable!

Young Clarisse Lector, oh aspiring Ms Clarisse,
Turn from me those beautiful eyes, GIVE ME RELEASE!
From here on forever now, love's paranoia grows obese,
Fear shared heartedness, my open emotion will forever cease!
Scarred me, Clarisse.

Gary Cox
             Jan. 22  2011            

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