Monday, February 13, 2012

American First Ladies

 Some First Ladies are as popular if not more than their spouse. In the case of widowed Presidents a daughter or other family member would take up the roll as First Lady (this is where the title originated in place of 'The Wife of the President or Presidential Spouse) and James Buchanan had no wife nor did he have anybody in the roll. The main duty of the First Lady is to be hostess over White House functions. 
We all know who Martha Washington and Dolly Madison is. We've learned of the great works of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacquelyn Kennedy. And I would be remiss if I did not mention Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here. Some First Ladies were also the mother of presidents; Abigial Adams was the first, then there was Anna Tuthill Harrison, and Barbara Bush was the last. Michelle Obama is the first African American First Lady.

Nancy Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, Hillary Clinton, Rosalyn Carter, Betty Ford, and Barbara Bush.

President               First Lady
George Washington  -Martha Dandridge
John Adams  -Abigail Smith
Thomas Jefferson  -Martha Wayles Skelton
James Madison  -Dolly Payne Todd
James Monroe  -Elizabeth "Eliza" Kortright
John Quincy Adams  -Louisa Catherine Johnson
Andrew Jackson  -Rachel Donelson Robards
Martin VanBuren  -Hannah Hoes
William Henry Harrison  -Anna Tuthill Symmes
John Tyler  -Julia Gardiner
James Knox Polk  -Sarah Childress
Zachary Taylor - Margaret Mackall Smith
Millard Fillmore  -Abigail Powers
Franklin Pierce  -Jane Means Appleton
James Buchanan was a bachelor
Abraham Lincoln  -Mary Todd
Andrew Johnson  -Eliza McCardle
Ulysses Simpson Grant  -Julia Boggs Dent
Rutherford Birchard Hayes  -Lucy Ware Webb
James Abram Garfield  -Lucretia Rudolph
Chester Alan Arthur  -Ellen Lewis Herndon
Grover Cleveland  -Frances Fulsom
Benjamin Harrison  -Caroline Lavinia Scott
Grover Cleveland  -Frances Fulsom
William McKinley  -Ida Saxton
Theodore Roosevelt  -Edith Kermit Carow
William Howard Taft  -Helen Herron
Woodrow Wilson  -Edith Bolling Galt
Warren Gamaliel Harding  -Florence Kling DeWolf
Calvin Coolidge  -Anna Grace Goodhew
Herbert Clark Hoover  -Lou Henry
Franklin Delano Roosevelt  -Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Harry S Truman  -Elizabeth "Bess" Virginia Wallace
Dwight David Eisenhower  -Mary "Mamie" Geneva Doud
John Fitzgerald Kennedy  -Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
Lyndon Baines Johnson  -Claudia "Lady Bird" Alta Taylor
Richard Milhous Nixon  -Thelma Patricia "Pat" Catherine Ryan
Gerald Rudolph Ford  -Elizabeth "Betty" Bloomer Warren
James Earl Carter  -Eleanor Rosalynn Smith
Ronald Wilson Reagan  -Nancy Davis
George Herbert Walker Bush  -Barbara Pierce
William Jefferson Clinton -Hillary Rodham
George Walker Bush  -Laura Welch
Barack Hussein Obama  -Michelle Robinson

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