Sunday, February 26, 2012

Presidents: My Four Favorite

My favorite President of all time is Ronald Reagan (Rep.)
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Not only was R.W.R. concidered the man that caused the end of the cold war he was ranked as the funniest president to hold the White House!

My Second favorite President was Andrew Jackson (Dem.)
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Jackson, like Reagan was attacked, but not killed while in office. He is considered an American icon on one hand and a criminal on the other. There are some Native Americans that refuse to tender a 20 dollar bill because his face is on it.

My third favorite has to be Franklin D. Roosevelt(Dem.)
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Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to be elected more than two times; as a matter of fact he was elected four times to the presidency. Roosevelts administration addressed the Depression of the 1930s and was enjoying more than limited success putting Americans back to work. Because of WWII Roosevelt became an 'at war' Commander in Chief. A roll in which he moved into fluidly. 

My fourth favorite president was Theodore Roosevelt (Rep.)
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Teddy Roosevelt preferred to be called simply 'TR' but their was never anything simple about this hawkish president that won the Nobel Peace Prize. A man that was an avid hunter and outdoorsman that set aside and preserved more land and protected more bird species than any other president until his time. He championed and got passed the food and drug laws we take for granted today.
That clean, safe water from your kitchen sink? Thank TR for that also.

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