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Daytona 500: Statistics

The 2012 Daytona 500 has to be the craziest opener I've ever watched!
Click pic for fire footage

Here are some interesting statistics about past Daytona 500s.
The first Daytona 500 was held in 1959; it has been the season-opener only since 1982.
518 drivers have competed in at least one Daytona 500; 306 in more than one.
35 drivers have won a Daytona 500.
Youngest Daytona 500 winner: Trevor Bayne (02/20/2011 - 20 yrs, 0 mons, 1 day)
Oldest Daytona 500 winner: Bobby Allison (02/14/1988 - 50 yrs, 2 mons, 11 days)
8 drivers have won more than one Daytona 500, led by Richard Petty with 7 victories.
The 8 drivers who have won the Daytona 500 more than once: Richard Petty (7), Cale Yarborough (4), Bobby Allison (3), Dale Jarrett (3), Jeff Gordon (3), Bill Elliott (2), Sterling Marlin (2) and Michael Waltrip (2).
Dale Earnhardt leads the series in runner-up finishes in the Daytona 500 with 5; Kurt Busch leads all active drivers in Daytona 500 2nd-place finishes with 3.
 Dale Earnhardt finished in the top 10 in 16 of his 23 Daytona 500s.
Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty each had 16 top 10s in the Daytona 500, more than any other driver.
Dale Earnhardt had 12 top 5s in the Daytona 500, more than any other driver.
Only 13 drivers have an average finish of 10th or better in the Daytona 500, 6 of those competed in the Daytona 500 only once.
Clint Bowyer has a 12.2 average finish in 6 appearances, the best of the active drivers who have competed in more than one Daytona 500.
Lee Petty, who won the inaugural Daytona 500, and Trevor Bayne, 2011 Daytona 500 champion, are the only 2 drivers to win the Daytona 500 in their first appearance.
28 of the 35 drivers who have won, participated in at least 2 Daytona 500s before visiting Victory Lane.
Dale Earnhardt competed 19 times before winning his only Daytona 500 (1998), the longest span of any of the 35 race winners.
6 drivers made 10 or more attempts before their first Daytona 500 victory: Dale Earnhardt (19), Buddy Baker (18), Darrell Waltrip (16), Bobby Allison (14), Michael Waltrip (14) and Sterling Marlin (12).
The most Daytona 500s all-time without a victory was Dave Marcis (33 races).
Mark Martin (27) leads active drivers without a victory.
6 drivers posted their career-first victory with a win in the Daytona 500: Tiny Lund (1963), Mario Andretti (1967), Pete Hamilton (1970), Derrike Cope (1990), Sterling Marlin (1994), Michael Waltrip (2001) and Trevor Bayne (2011).
3 other drivers posted their career-first victory in (point-paying) qualifying races: Johnny Rutherford (1963), Bobby Isaac (1964) and Earl Balmer (1966).
A driver has won back-to-back Daytona 500s three times. Richard Petty (1973-74), Cale Yarborough (1983-84) and Sterling Marlin (1994-95)
Kevin Harvick’s 0.020-second margin of victory over Mark Martin in the 2007 Daytona 500 is the 12th-closest overall since the advent of electronic timing in 1993, and the closest in a Daytona 500.
26 of the 53 Daytona 500s have been won from a top-5 starting position.
Matt Kenseth won the Daytona 500 from the 39th starting position in 2009, the deepest a race winner has started.
9 have been won from the pole. The last to do so was Dale Jarrett in 2000.
16 Daytona 500s have been won from the front row.
Danica Patrick will become the 3rd female driver to compete in a Daytona 500 joining Janet Guthrie and Shawna Robinson.

Daytona 500 winners. 
1959Lee Petty135.521$19,050Oldsmobile
1960Junior Johnson124.74$19,600Chevrolet
1961Marvin Panch149.601$21,050Pontiac
1962Fireball Roberts152.529$24,190Pontiac
1963Tiny Lund151.566$24,550Ford
1964Richard Petty154.334$33,300Plymouth
1965Fred Lorenzen141.539$27,100Ford
1966Richard Petty160.627$28,150Plymouth
1967Mario Andretti146.926$48,900Ford
1968Cale Yarborough143.251$47,250Mercury
1969LeeRoy Yarbrough157.95$38,950Ford
1970Pete Hamilton149.601$44,850Plymouth
1971Richard Petty144.462$45,450Plymouth
1972AJ Foyt161.55$44,600Mercury
1973Richard Petty157.205$33,500Dodge
1974Richard Petty140.894$34,100Dodge
1975Benny Parsons153.649$40,900Chevrolet
1976David Pearson152.181$46,800Mercury
1977Cale Yarborough153.218$47,200Chevrolet
1978Bobby Allison159.73$44,300Ford
1979Richard Petty143.977$73,900Oldsmobile
1980Buddy Baker177.602$102,175Oldsmobile
1981Richard Petty169.651$90,575Buick
1982Bobby Allison153.991$120,630Buick
1983Cale Yarborough155.979$119,600Pontiac
1984Cale Yarborough150.994$160,300Chevrolet
1985Bill Elliott172.265$185,500Ford
1986Geoffrey Bodine148.124$192,715Chevrolet
1987Bill Elliott176.263$204,150Ford
1988Bobby Allison137.531$202,940Buick
1989Darrell Waltrip148.466$184,900Chevrolet
1990Derrike Cope165.761$188,150Chevrolet
1991Ernie Irvan148.148$233,000Chevrolet
1992Davey Allison160.256$244,050Ford
1993Dale Jarrett154.972$238,200Chevrolet
1994Sterling Marlin156.931$258,275Chevrolet
1995Sterling Marlin141.71$300,460Chevrolet
1996Dale Jarrett154.308$360,775Ford
1997Jeff Gordon148.295$377,410Chevrolet
1998Dale Earnhardt172.712$1,059,105Chevrolet
1999Jeff Gordon161.551$1,172,246Chevrolet
2000Dale Jarrett155.669$1,277,975Ford
2001Michael Waltrip161.783$1,331,185Chevrolet
2002Ward Burton142.971$1,409,017Dodge
2003Michael Waltrip133.87$1,400,406Chevrolet
2004Dale Earnhardt Jr.156.345$1,495,070Chevrolet
2005Jeff Gordon135.173$1,497,154Chevrolet
2006Jimmie Johnson 142.667 $1,505,124 Chevrolet
2007Kevin Harvick149.335$1,510,469Chevrolet
2008Ryan Newman 152.672$1,506,040Dodge
 2009Matt Kenseth132.816$1,530,388Ford
2010Jamie McMurray137.284$1,514,649Chevrolet
2011Trevor Bayne130.326$1,462,563Ford

Daytona can be very deadly, here are the stats on that:
Deaths at Daytona International Speedway
2/18/2001Dale Earnhardt Sr.Final lap of the Daytona 500*
1/31/1997Michael HimesIMSA Endurance race
2/14/1994Rodney OrrDaytona 500 practice
2/11/1994Neil BonnettDaytona 500 practice
2/12/1993Joe BooherFlorida 200 Dash
2/11/1990Julius JohnsonARCA 200
2/17/1979Don WilliamsSportsman 300 race
2/13/1987Joe YoungDash race
Feb. 1983Bruce JacobiDaytona 500 qualifier
12/15/1985Charles OgleTesting (stock car)
2/7/1985Francis AffleckARCA practice
2/14/1980Ricky KnottsDaytona 500 qualifier
2/17/1972Friday HasslerDaytona 500 qualifier
7/30/1972David PearlSCCA Paul Whiteman Trophy race
3/14/1971Rusty BradleyDaytona 200
2/19/1970Tallmadge PrinceDaytona 500 qualifier
2/21/1969Don MacTavishSportsman 300
1/5/1965Billy WadeTire test (stock car)
2/21/1961Harold HaberlingDaytona 500 practice
6/18/1960Martin EveryEngineering test
4/4/1959George AmickUSAC 100-mile race
2/11/1959Marshall TeagueDaytona 500 practice

*note: Dale Earnhardt was the only driver to be killed during the actual Daytona 500 race.

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