Saturday, March 3, 2012

From the Poetry Page: A Love Poem

The beautiful soul of an angel and the vengeance of the devil, A lovely mind and an adventurous drive to do better. There is depth in that heart opened for the world to revel. A combination to die for, I love her and I just met her.
There is something pleasing in her smile that traps you, A gorgeous set of eyes to drown in and an electric touch. Shapely long legged vixen, bouncing, body attacks you. Sweet pheromone, heat, and purring, indulging too much.
A caring and concerned knowledge of truth and nature. She can charm the hardest of heart to reconsider it's path, And fight off evil with a strength bold and sure. All her children she protects with a powerful wrath.
Can she be held, loved, and possessed by anyone?
Never will that ever happen, she is a loner and a self sustainer.
To love her is to be allowed to love, until she is done.
She is a giant of her gender, who controls her entertainer.
She knows her standards are high but not unreachable, giving a hundred percent to her lover and expecting the same. Her judgment is like a rock, her authority is un-impeachable. Living and loving is serious business, not just some game!
If she cares for you enough to give you her heart, Listen and be diligent if she holds you in her arms. She can give and give until it tears her apart, then stop it all, stop love and ending charms.
God, what a beauty! A man could be blessed, having had those eyes turn and twinkle at you. Your weak, warm and vulnerable at best, Swimming, lost so deep into those eyes shocking blue!
God, how I wish she could be happy with a soul mate,
Remember the one that loved her the most, the one she drove the maddest.
Will she hunger for what she already had on her plate?
May she look over her shoulder whenever she feels the saddest.
August 21st, 2005

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