Monday, March 5, 2012

Leap Year and the Mayan Calendar

Ok, I've been hearing this doomsday stuff about the Mayan calendar and it's prediction of the end of the world. Well, sometimes we just don't think of the obvious. Here is a little tidbit that may just relieve your mind a little.
The Earth orbits the sun every 365 and a quarter days. The calendar gains a day every four years.
In 45bc Caesar created the leap year so the ancient roman calendar would automatically correct itself as it does to this day.
The Mayan calendar did not take leap year into account so they were off buy several months.
Today, without these added extra days, would be around the beginning of August 2013.
The end of the world would have occurred in June of last year.
So take a breath, pay your taxes, maintain your 401K, open your Christmas savings account, and don't burn any bridges.
We can all have a good laugh at the foolish that went underground on December the 20th as they come sheepishly crawling out a few days later.

 It seems that the previous statement could be totally incorrect.
After more research the following day I posted this follow-up artical:
Mayan Calendar Accuracy: Leap Year


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  2. Mayan calender did not need leap year as it was so accurate. December 21 2012 is the new years of the Mayan Calender as we translated their calender time line to our Traditional Calender the same way we do for Chinese Calender. So you are incorrect in thinking Mayan New Years has passed. It will come, but it is just a New Years not end of time, but rather a rebirth.