Monday, March 19, 2012

Top Five You Tube Viral Videos of All Time

Number One:
 Seen more than 170 million times since its posting in May 2007, "Charlie Bit My Finger" was never meant to be anything more than a family flick. But the Internet's hive mind saw something it liked and catapulted the clip, which depicts a laughing British baby gnawing on the finger of his crying brother, past "Evolution of Dance" as YouTube's views champ by the fall of 2009.

Number Two:
Inspirational comedian Jud Laipply does it all in this 6-min. dance sequence. Moving seamlessly between eras, Laipply has been viewed more than 138 million times for a reason — his video triggers nostalgia in the happiest of ways. We can all remember, begrudgingly or not, mimicking Vanilla Ice or the cast of Grease at one time or another, though maybe not with Laipply's infectious enthusiasm.

Number Three:
More than 57 million people have seen 7-year-old David DeVore's backseat trip from the dentist's office after oral surgery. The medication seems to have left David in a higher state of consciousness: he spouts lines like "You have four eyes" and "Is this gonna be forever?"
After The Dentist

Number Four:
"Here It Goes Again" — perhaps better known as "that treadmill video" — grew big enough to even get acknowledgement from the Grammys. The band took home the trophy for Best Short-Form Music Video in 2007 for the clip, which featured an elaborately choreographed routine performed on moving treadmills (a dance that, perhaps equally impressively, was shot in a single take).
 Here It Goes Again

Number Five:
The trick goes like this: you are sent an e-mail or instant message with a link to something seemingly cool. But when you click, all you get is singer Rick Astley's 1987 video for "Never Gonna Give You Up." Huh? The bait and switch originated on the online forum 4Chan, when a user promised a video-game trailer and instead led readers to Astley's '80s-tastic track. The trick, dubbed Rickrolling, spread like wildfire in 2008; Astley, clearly in on the joke, even performed his signature song during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that year.

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