Wednesday, June 20, 2012

List of Species Threatened by Extinction

Of all the different species that have evolved upon the Earth it is calculated that 90% have went extinct. Of course most people think of the dinosaur when they think of creatures that no longer exist on the face of the planet. The truth be known most  species evolved from one type to another. The biggest example being the raptor dinosaur evolving into bird species.
Yep, that's right; once a raptor would eat you on site now we eat their ancestors, the turkey and chicken.
Still there are the species that disappear because of humans. The biggest example would be the Dodo bird. Humans hunted them to extinction.They were dumb and slow, hunters simply ran them down and clubbed them.
I wonder how southern fried Dodo must have tasted. They were obviously very delicious!
That being said, we as a society recognise the shame in losing any creature with which we share the planet.
Right off the top I can think of two species we have hunted to the brink just to recognise the loss and stop our destructive ways in time for them to regenerate: the Alligator and the American Buffalo.
Gators are now harvestable, bison still are not.
How many species are endangered to the point of extinction?
Two thousand new species have been assessed and added to the list, bringing the total to 63,837.
Overall, the statistics are little changed: 41% of amphibians, 33% of reef-building corals, 25% of mammals and 13% of birds languish on the risk list.

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