Friday, June 8, 2012

Presidental Election 2012: Four Uncontrolable Things that Could Cause Obama to Lose Election

Although the race is tied and Obama's team feel good about their standings in battleground states, one of Obama's top strategists confessed his concern saying, "The things that worry me are the things we can't control."
Maybe they should worry; if guarenteeing re-election requires complete control what does that say about Obama's mentality as to how he should reside over the people of America?

The word 'free' is used over and over in the Constitution where as the word 'control' rarely appears.
I think Obama needs to guide, not manipulate.
So here are the potential campaign missiles that could both shoot down Obama's reelection and are also out of his control:
Voters in Greece: The June 17 th elections and whether Greece remains in the Euro Zone could have more of an impact on Obama and his campaign than anything that happens here in the United States.
Ben Bernanke: The Chairman of the Federal Reserve testifies before Congress today, and it's still unknown what steps, if any, he will take to help stimulate the economy. And Obama cannot influence that decision.
Israel and Iran: Will Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launch an attack against Iran before November 6? If he does, that could actually turn around one of the few bright spots in the economy right now, oil and gas prices.
Bill Clinton: The former president is probably Obama's most formidable and most frustrating surrogate. And this week is a prime example of both Clinton's strengths and his weaknesses. Take the CNBC interview on Tuesday when he spoke about extending all of the Bush era tax cuts temporarily in order to give Democrats and Republicans time to negotiate.
Although some have twisted Clinton's words saying he called for permanent extension, that is not what the former president said. Others have hinted that Clinton "knows what he's doing" and is deliberately undermining Obama. Nevertheless Clinton's remarks caused troubles in Chicago and Clinton had to partially take back his statement.

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